South America Travel Tips

Villa la Angostura: Lakes, Hikes, Beaches and Parks

After my lovely stay in San Martin, I decided to keep going with my North Patagonia trip and visit Villa la Angostura, another lake-side town where hiking and swimming are possible in the same place!

South America Travel Tips

San Martín de los Andes: “We Found Love in a… Hopeful Place” :)

After my interesting time in Mendoza, I knew things were going to get even better. Finally, I was about to head to the Argentinian side of Northern Patagonia – first stop: San Martín de los Andes.

And, my friends, I would have happily stayed there for longer (hence the reference to Rihanna & Calvin Harris song – with the only difference being the “hopeful” part).

South America Travel Tips

Mendoza: I will only remember 2 things…

After my long weekend full of wine and walks, I was ready to be in a big city again. But this time, unlike Salta, I decided to stay for a shorter amount of time – with the only and most important goal being going to Aconcagua, the highest mountain of the World if you exclude the Himalayas.

South America Travel Tips

Cafayate: Don’t Miss This Beauty (Unless You Hate Nature & Wine)

Just 3 hours South of Salta, Cafayate is very, very pretty. I decided to take a long weekend off from hard working in Salta, and booked a comfy double bed in a local hostel. I really needed to get some sleep back!

South America Travel Tips

Salta: When a Tiny Museum & a Short Hike Mean… Tourism

Salta is a busy city. They call it “Salta la Linda” (“Salta the Beautiful”) due to its colonial architecture, excellent weather and natural scenery. Or maybe they call it like that to get as many tourists as possible. Either way, my 10 days in Salta where way too many – screw you TripAdvisor!

South America Travel Tips

Jujuy: Beautiful Mountains (Andes) & Pre-Inca Settlements

I took a quick look at the weather forecast last Friday (after it rained for a couple of days in Salta), and with the weather being promising I decided to go for a last minute trip towards the North, and specifically to the Jujuy Province.

Was the 1-day tour worth it after all? Let’s see 🙂

Salta > Tilcara (Jujuy Province)

Here in Argentina “trips” of any kind are not short. The plan was to wake up at 6am, get ready, grab the 7am bus from Salta to Tilcara (which took 4 hours), visit the town, then get a ride back to Purmamarca and finally get back to Salta at night. Not bad when you think I spent 24 hours on a
bus the other day.

I had a great sleep on the bus to Tilcara. Maybe I snored – not sure – the lady beside me didn’t look
impressed when I woke up… Anyway, the bus ride to Tilcara was wonderful for that short time I was awake – the weather didn’t look as promising though. Here we were driving by a place called Volcán, located at 2084 metres above sea level:

Thankfully, the weather in Tilcara was lovely. I arrived there in time at approximately 11am and I immediately got a mixed vibe: a beautiful, well preserved, pre-Inca little town which has now become a very popular tourist attraction. Indigenous residents have sold most of their lands to builders – yet the town is still somewhat lovely.

Tilcara is located at 2465 metres above sea level, not bad for a self-sufficient tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

Tilcara features two main attractions: a 4 km hike to a fall (Garganta del Diablo) and a much shorter walk to a hill called Pucará de Tilcara, a pre-Inca fortification just outside town, across the river.

Despite what I read on the online forums, the 4k hike took longer than 1.5 hours (including photography time!) and was pretty tough, mostly under the hot sun. After all, I was in the desert. The landscape was just beautiful – including giant cactus:

I finally reached the fall, but there was basically no water (and I wasn’t expecting anything after having been at the Iguazú falls). So, I turned back and enjoyed the down hill walk towards the river. I then went to the Pucará de Tilcara, the pre-Inca settlement. Very touristy and most of it has been rebuilt, so the best highlight of the walk was my lovely guide:

Oh, and I also met my first lama 🙂

I quickly walked the 100 pesos site and then headed back to the town – goal: getting a short bus ride back to Purmamarca, another ancient settlement that features a beautiful mountain chain.

Tilcara > Purmamarca

However, I totally underestimated the SIESTA time! No buses until 4, and 1.5 hours to spare with not much to do… But at the end my siesta was very helpful, it recharged me, I enjoyed a couple of sandwiches that I took with me and relaxed away. The atmosphere was cool – I was expecting to see a tumbleweed rolling on the street… that would have made it perfect.

Anyway, at 3.55pm I took a 15 min bus to Purmamarca. And I am so glad I went there in the late afternoon. The majority of organized tours had finished and I was basically on my own on the 3
km walk around the “Cierro de los Siete Colores” (“7 Colour Mountain”). What can I say… the
pictures below don’t really make justice. The mountain is just magical.

I believe I saw more than 7 colours! And I never took so many pictures in my life.

Purmamarca > Salta

At the end of the day, I relaxed away with a well deserved ice cream, while waiting for my long bus ride back to Salta and looking forward to a hot shower.

The bus only goes up to Jujuy town, and then you have a coincidence for Salta. Let’s say I made it back, but I was really exhausted at the end!

I guess you wanted to know if all this madness was worth it?

Well, I believe it definitely was 🙂



South America Travel Tips

From Puerto Iguazú to Salta: 1500km & 24 hours I’ll never forget…

Hint: I thought it was going to be ok to be on a bus for 24 hours (after my previous 13 hours journey) – well, I was so wrong.

South America Travel Tips

Iguazú Falls: Argentina beats Brazil 8-4

Yes, Argentina lost 3-0 against Brazil the other night. People in here are in shock, and Argentina is almost out of the World Cup qualifications.

However, in another remote place, and exactly the Iguazú Falls, Argentina beats Brazil 8-4. And here are my travel notes and pictures to show you one of the best places I’ve ever visited.

South America Travel Tips

From Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú: 1300km & #17hoursonabus

Buenos Aires was ideal to get used to the language, habits, culture, food and people – and also an ideal place to get 3 good weeks of work done.

But now things get tough, unknown, uncomfortable. I believe here’s where my trip officially starts. And there is no better way to get uncomfortable when you have to spend 17 hours on a bus.

South America Travel Tips

Buenos Aires. Things I love. And stuff I dislike

Hola amigos! It’s my second-ish week here in Buenos Aires and I have to say I’m starting to like it very much. Of course, I’m not a big fan of big cities and, besides, I’ve only been in the best areas of BsAs – so it’s not entirely correct to say I like it – let’s say I like what I’ve seen so far.

Claro, some stuff is ridiculous too (is there really a perfect place on Earth?). So let’s see if by being brief I can give you an idea of where I find myself right now.