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How long to stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Of course this depends on whether you’re learning Spanish, backpacking, digital nomading… but on average we believe 5-7 days is the right amount of time.

Lonely Planet forum suggest 5-10 days, TripAdvisor 3-10 days, Frommer’s suggest 5, but let’s now break down what we believe are the ideal stay lengths depending on your trip objective. We spent 21 days in Buenos Aires working as digital nomads so hopefully we can help you with your trip planning!

Backpackers: how long to stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has lots to offer and many cheap hostels you can choose from. If you like big cities and nightlife, BsAs is perfect – you can visit the city during the day, especially the Palermo/Recoleta/Centro areas and have great fun at night, until late.

Recommended stay: 2-7 days

Trekkers: how long to stay in Buenos Aires

Pretty simple – 0 days. There is nothing to hike!

Digital Nomads: how long to stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is full of coworking spaces, cafes with WiFi and hostels/AirBnBs with very good internet (more or less, depending on the provider). The Meetup community, night- and social life are awesome and therefore you cannot get bored in here.

Recommended stay: 4-21 days

Spanish Learners: how long to stay in Buenos Aires

In BsAs you’ve got plenty of language schools and also a gazillion Meetups and free events of language exchange at night (intercambio de idioma). It’s easy to find accommodation in Buenos Aires for a good price, mostly when compared to Spain or other Spanish-speaking places.

Recommended stay: 21-90 days

On a budget: how long to stay in Buenos Aires

BsAs is one of the most expensive places in Argentina, however if you get yourself a good hostel with a decent kitchen you can definitely save on food expenses. Transportation is cheap and fun, and you can walk to everything if you base yourself in Palermo. In 5 days you can visit it all, really.

Recommended stay: 2-5 days

Living like a local: how long to stay in Buenos Aires

In this case, you can easily settle in. BsAs is a very friendly, welcoming city and has lots to offer, mostly if you like steak and nightlife. You can go to the park, exercise, join a Meetup, jump on a bus and shop like mad on the weekend

Recommended stay: 1-3 months

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