South America Travel Tips

Top 9 Things To Do in Buenos Aires

The largest city of Argentina, with almost 3 million people, has a lot to offer to tourists and long-term visitors. Here’s our top 9 things to do list.

1. Go to the Steakhouse

In Buenos Aires, visitors and locals have so many choices when it comes to parrillas (steak restaurants). Make sure to ask for a sangre steak if you want a bit of red, otherwise it seems well-done is the norm!


2. Dance Tango

If you feel like trying tango, or maybe just going to a show, Buenos Aires is full of tango!


3. Go to the Beach

I know, Argentina is not renowned for its beaches, but Buenos Aires Province is the most popular option for beach goers! Mar del Plata is possibly your best choice.


4. Go to Palermo

This large barrio (quarter) is located North East of Buenos Aires and features green areas as well as shopping malls, restaurants, art galleries and lovely cafes.


5. Go to the Park

Bosques de Palermo (or Parque 3 de Febrero) is a great spot for a nice walk, a daytime picnic or even… a swim!


6. Go to the Theatre

Teatro Colón is the main opera house in Buenos Aires. Opened in 1908, it featured (and still features) the best music players and singers in history. A not to be missed destination!


7. Go to the Port

Puerto Madero is a modern barrio of Buenos Aires. This fabulous port was built in 1882 by local businessman… Madero (you knew it was coming). The place is beautiful and gets a real life and nice atmosphere in the evening.


8. Go to Recoleta

The Recoleta barrio is a very interesting area in regard to history and architecture – trust me, go visit the Recoleta Cemetery. This quarter is also an important tourist destination and cultural center of the city.


9. Go to the Church

Whether you’ve got a religious spirit or not, the Basilica del Santisimo Sacramento is a wonderful building you should not miss!