South America Travel Tips

When is the Best Time to Visit Argentina?

Answer: it really depends! In fact, Argentina is almost 7 times as big as California. It shares land borders with Chile to the west; Bolivia and Paraguay to the north; Brazil to the northeast and Uruguay to the east.

Whether your goal is to climb its highest mountains, to reach the most southern point or visit its beautiful cities – you should pick the time of the year that best suits your main destination.

The Argentine spring (September – November) is ideal just about everywhere, however in the far south icy gales may blow.

Summer (December – February) is perfect for climbing the Andes, such as Aconcagua, and best time of year to head to Tierra del Fuego. Speaking of cities, Buenos Aires is usually very hot and humid in December and January. Patagonia is best (and most expensive) during this time and crowds gather to the beaches.

March and April is a great time to visit the Mendoza region, with its grape harvests and wine festival. The Lake District is pleasant and spectacular.

The winter months of June, July and August (don’t forget Argentina is in the South Hemisphere!) are perfect for the Andean ski resorts, however it’s not a good time to tour the southerly region. Weather in the North should be pleasant at this time of the year. Many services close at beach resorts. Please note: July is a winter vacation month, so things can get busy at some popular destinations.

Finally, don’t underestimate the tourist “high-season”. January, Easter and July are usually the busiest and most expensive times to visit Argentina!